NJOBA History

With a proud history as a leading Buddhist educational institute, Nalanda by now has completed nine decades. Instituted by the famous Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero and Mr P De S Kularathna Nalanda had the auspicious of its first principal the well-known educationist Prof. Gunapala Malalasekara.

Started in very small building Nalanda gradually expanded to its present status. Nalanda had one of its greatest moments in 1975 when the Nalanda Junior Old Boys’ Association was established. The first president of this association was Mr Susantha Abeysakara the brother of the well-known Karunarathna Abeysakara.

The initial membership was 25, which has expanded beyond 6000 by now inclusive of the former President Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa and many more to be named.

Under different leaders of this association, Nalanda has benefited tremendously, which includes the language centre, this is one magnificent projects done by the association with a lot of hard work. This centre has helped the students immensely and has made our members’ contributions work in the correct path. This centre has been equipped with the necessary modern ingredients for the child to learn many languages. This is a two-storied building situated adjoining the main pavilion where the upper floor consists of a fully air-conditioned conference hall and the ground floor consists of our main office and the language laboratories.

Furthermore, the War Memorial constructed to felicitate the Nalandians who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our motherland. Each year these Nalandians are remembered with gratitude on the 2nd of August.

Thirdly and most importantly, the Nalanda English Education Trust is generally known as the NEET project. Where this association has taken a significant effort to teach English to every child who enters the primary to have a better future in the competitive world. Our Association has been providing all the financial assistance to this NEET project and continues with the assistance of its general membership who are providing the backbone.

The leadership of NJOBA with its office bearers and members has organized many events to raise funds annually. The “Future Minds” educational and IT exhibition which has the motto as ‘no one left behind’ has been the best out all of them. It has drawn attention locally and internationally. It would be continued this year too.

Entertainment wise the association was able to organize a Ananda – Nalanda past test cricketers day-night encounter in 2005 and repeated due to popular demand in 2007 which was the brainchild of 2005/6 president Mr Ravi Ahangama. Nalanda and Ananda have the proud distinction of being the only two schools that could provide more than 22 test cricketers globally.

Furthermore, the Annual Teacher Felicitation and Medical Camp particularly for the retired and present teachers have been very successful. Helped by a team of Old Nalandian doctors from the Nalanda Doctors’ Association and Medical Representatives this gesture has drawn the attention of all Nalandians.

We have also been able to hold Old Nalandians Sports Day successfully and has taken a new dimension where it is organized by each year by the respective Nalanda college group for completing 20 years of leaving school.

The association with the help of its generous members has been able to join hands with the school activities to help her financially and otherwise. All our compliments should be given to the founder members of the association for their untiring efforts.

With the able guidance of present principal, the association is ready to perform more projects beneficial to the school. We wish them in all the very best in their endeavours.